Science – 1, Mother – 0

I apologize for yet another round of radio silence on my part. To say this past week has been crazy is the biggest understatement of all understatements.

My family thrives on chaos and stress apparently, and, never to be outdone by my kids it would seem, my mother has done her share this past week to give me even more grey hairs. I really should have taken stock in Clairol back when my kids were growing up. Who knew my mother would eventually add to my investment regret.

Anywho, my dear little 75-year-old mother decided to test the physics of gravity last weekend … it seems she really wasn’t convinced in the science of it all. To that end, she tried to take a flying leap in her kitchen and instead just fell, like a lead balloon. While she called it an experiment for the greater good, I think walking simply isn’t her forte.

Instead of calling 911, she called me. I guess she just wanted me to join the party or perhaps she thought I’d be the one to help her suppress the results of her ill-fated experiment. Ever on the science-y side of things, I figured this was a job for the superheroes of the medical field. Da-da-da-dahhh!

After a quick ambulance ride and a not so quick fun-filled visit to the ER, I brought her home to her comfy recliner and there she sat for a few days. Or at least, that’s where I tried to keep her without actually tying her down (I was told that was elderly abuse).

It’s been a few days now and while she’s still sore and sporting some really very interesting bruises, she’s on the mend, I’m glad to say. Meanwhile, I’m back at my place content to regularly check in to make sure she’s still upright.

I just got a phone call from her this afternoon. She signed up for dance lessons. God help me. I can feel the grey hairs sprouting as I write.


7 thoughts on “Science – 1, Mother – 0

  1. We have to keep your mom and my grandmother as far apart as possible from each other! If they met, we’d have to go shopping for replacement hips at Costco!! LOL

  2. I’m guessing this means we shouldn’t forward that ad to her for the senior roller derby league forming at the YMCA in her neighborhood? I hear they were counting on her to be their #1 jammer!

  3. Take a lesson from those of us, my husband and me, trying to keep his 85 year old father safe in violence overrun Cameroon. Had to finally let go and say he is grown and if he wants to return to village where people are being randomly shot instead of staying safer in city with granddaughter, we are done arguing with him about it. 2 weeks later, with trip arrangements in place, he has decided to postpone. Key words he has decided…

  4. Please tell you Mother I said to take it easy, but after she is healed, dance lessons could provide training for balance and an exuberance which is hard to deny. Just no Dirty Dancing lifts. 😀

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