Planning Ahead

From job interviews to online dating questionnaires (which, when you think about it, also feels like a job interview) to drunken late-night conversations, the big question-of-the-day seems to involve the need for a crystal ball, tarot cards, in-depth astrological charts, and a solid, surefire personal plan.

Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 15 years?

Sadly, when you’re concentrating on getting from payday to payday, you don’t often have time to consider the future other than to daydream.  One day, I’ll live in Paris … One day, I’ll have my own house … One day, I’ll go grocery shopping without penny-pinching … One day, I’ll have enough money in between paydays to get groceries AND a haircut … One day …

2 thoughts on “Planning Ahead

  1. How did you hack into my phone camera?

    As for dating sites being like job interviews (and you are SOOOOO correct!) I’ve always been fascinated by the mental calculation regarding what your BS factor should be. Too much and you might get the job and then be fired almost immediately. None at all and you’ll never make it through the first 30 seconds (date or job interview). Somewhere in between is that sweet spot where it’s pretty much true, or at least true enough so that you can fake it, but you’ve hidden enough of the rough spots to not having your date/interviewer hitting the button on the ejection seat.

    But wouldn’t it be FANTASTIC to be brutally honest, reducing your odds of success to 0.000001%, but also making sure that if you DID succeed it would be PERFECT? And then hitting the jackpot?

    If we were all so brave…

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