Just Say No – To New Year’s Resolutions

The holidays have drawn to a close and what a strange Yuletide it has been. Life, in general, has been odd since my father passed in October, there’s just no denying it. My birthday was uneventful … which right about now – especially in my family, is a good thing. A quiet ending to a chaotic year was welcome.

Now … now, it’s that time again… when good people are expected to pledge their right arm and a sizable chunk of their self-esteem on promises they either have no intention to keep, or, through the simple human experience, fail to uphold. It’s an exhausting cycle of projected self-improvement and ultimate self-loathing.

The thing with resolutions is – they are all too often made half-heartedly and therefore easily broken. Plus, who says we have to make serious commitments to life-altering changes only once a year? Wouldn’t it be better to make adjustments as the year, and life, wears on?

Deciding on foregoing resolutions will certainly help one’s self-esteem – no resolutions made, no resolutions to break and feel guilty about later in the year month week. I mean, seriously, who needs more guilt?

Be a better person. Live a better life. Take chances. Those are resolutions worth making and would hopefully be easily kept. As for that diet or exercise regimen? Sure, make those too if you want, but just remember, promises casually given, even to oneself, are easily broken. In which case, don’t beat yourself up for it … I have no doubt throughout the coming year there will be times when you will feel the need to change some aspect about yourself or your life – seize it! For all intents and purposes, those decisions, those opportunities, they are your New Year’s resolutions, even if they come in July.

10 thoughts on “Just Say No – To New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I’m in my seventieth year and have yet to fail a New Year’s resolution.

    Mind You, I have yet to make one, ever, and this year isn’t any different. No that’s not a resolution, it’s a statement of fact 🙂

    All the best for 2019 and beyond.

  2. 2018 was a year to remember, but for all of the wrong reasons for most of us. You had a tougher year than average, so I’m glad that your birthday and year-end had a bit of relaxation.

    As for resolutions, doing them on NYE is just societal peer pressure – I decline the invitation to participate. There are things that I would like to do different (the usual suspects) but I find that I’ll start to make those changes in my life when something triggers it. (Ascutney, I’m looking at you!) Until then, all NYE resolutions (or birthday resolutions, or new Congress resolutions, or International Chocolate Day resolutions) are just a way to raise your blood pressure needlessly.

    Happy New Year!

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