Thoughts from a Shower

I’m not sure why people always have their deepest, most sincere and profound thoughts in the bathroom.  Men are famous for flushing the toilet, opening the door and announcing, “I just thought of something.”  For women, we do our best thinking for the shower.

Sometimes, shower thoughts are genius:  We could solve world hunger if cow manure was edible.

Other times, they are life-changing:  I am going to invest my tax refund wisely instead of buying another pair of shoes.

And sometimes, they are rambling, incoherent, and pointless.

Ladies and gentlemen, I devote this entry to my rambling, incoherent and pointless Shower Thoughts. Lucky you!

  1. I know there are dogs who are allergic to fleas, but what if there are sheep who are allergic to wool?
  2. What if a turtle is claustrophobic?
  3. Are there cats who are afraid of mice?
  4. Are there mice who hate cheese?
  5. I know this has been pondered by better people than me, but what if the Hokey Pokey really is what it’s all about?
  6. Why do people say they are putting toast in the toaster? And for that matter:
  7. Why do people refer to their water heater as a hot water heater? If the water is already hot, why heat it in your hot water heater?
  8. Am I the only one in the world who knows that “penultimate” means second to last, and not top of the line?
  9. Why do we demand piping hot pizza when we have to wait for it to cool off before we can eat it? Why isn’t lukewarm, edible pizza a thing?
  10. Why do we say people who don’t eat much “eat like a bird” when birds eat half of their body weight every single day?
  11. If we’re at a restaurant and someone tells us our meal looks good, why do we say thank-you?
  12. How can every coffee shop have “the world’s best coffee?” They do mean OUR world – Earth, right? I guess they could mean Venus and not be wrong.
  13. Why does every person in a crime thriller shoot until they run out of bullets, and then throw the gun at their target? Has that ever worked?
  14. Why is “moist” such an awful word?
  15. Why do we “dust” when we clean our homes? Shouldn’t we be un-dusting?
  16. Are there any pilots who are afraid of heights? And if so, just don’t even tell me.

Okay, so where do you do your best thinking?  Any Shower Thoughts you’d like to share?  Feel free to spill, folks!  I’m always looking for proof that I’m not the only one with a mind like a mouse in a maze!


17 thoughts on “Thoughts from a Shower

  1. Laughing at the turtle one and all were fun… for in or out of the shower

    And the pizza one reminded me of what someone said earlier

    Why do we put a round pizza – cut into triangles – into a square box?

  2. Oh and I heard nice don’t like cheese as much as we think – they prefer peanut butter and even lettuce – but in a certain era cheese was in the pantry and the only thing they could gnaw on

  3. I haven’t pondered all your queries, but but for those that have crossed my mind, here’s my offering:
    1. pass
    2. What about birds that are afraid of heights?
    3. Yes! I was rather fond of one cat that was afraid any critter mouse sized or smaller.
    4. I’ve discovered that mice much prefer peanut butter.
    5. In Aotearoa New Zealand, yes. Hokey pokey is what you folk call honeycomb toffee and is the most popular flavoured ice cream here (essentially little chunks of hokey pokey in vanilla ice cream). There’s no brand of ice cream that doesn’t include hokey pokey in their range of flavours.
    6. Do they?
    7. I’ve pondered this also, and and a similar expression, which may or may not be used in America. When we go to boil water for a tea or coffee, we say the we’re going to boil the jug, when in fact it’s the water we boil and not the jug (kettle). Whenever the wife asks me to boil the jug, a mental picture of the jug immersed in a large pot of boiling water appears.
    8. No
    9. Don’t demand pipping hot pizza 🙂 I have the opposite problem. Why are they so cool after coming out of a very hot oven?
    10. and why do people say “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse”?
    11. That’s something I’ve pondered too.
    12. They’re all wrong. I make the best coffee in the universe. So there 🙂
    13. It’s a while since I watched a thriller (like decades). I always pondered how come they never ran out of bullets.
    14. It’s not when it comes to pavlova. The number of times (non-kiwi) chefs murder the dish by creating an over-sized meringue are too numerous to count.
    15. I use “de-dust”. I enjoy the confused looks on others when I use it 🙂
    16. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

    Here’s a few more to ponder:
    1 Why do Americans walk on a sidewalk, when no-one walks sideways? We sensibly walk on a footpath
    2. How come the World Series is only open to American teams?
    3. Why do we say sunrise and sunset when we all know (except for flat earthers) that the sun doesn’t actually rise or set?
    4. If I prove a point wrong that the wife made, why is it that I’m the one in trouble?
    5. The wife can go to a formal occasion with half her torso, her arms and shoulders, and various amounts of leg exposed, but if attempt to attend the same function in shorts and a short sleeve shirt (exposing less flesh than her) I’m barred. Why?
    6. This one I ponder every morning when in the shower: we have two shelves in the shower – one for her and one for me. How come my shampoo and bodywash has migrated to the shelf above the vanity unit on the opposite side of the room?

  4. Why do we cook and serve food hot, then we can’t eat it right away until it cools down a little?
    Why are some people diagnosed as “emotionally disturbed” when emotions simply are whatever they are at the time, and it’s actually a psychological disorder that denotes one’s inability to cope with one’s own feelings and reactions to whatever’s all around them?

  5. Americans in a crowded hallway tend to walk on the right, just like we drive. Do Brits & people from left-side driving countries walk on the left in a crowded hallway?

    Why do we get “on” the plane instead of “in” the plane?

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