7 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. LOL I agree… Never understood the reason behind fake pockets. Why spend more time (to sew the pocket closed, so you can’t put anyting in it) to make something less practical??

  2. Women and fashion has always been a puzzle to me. It’s an area that seems totally irrational. There are exceptions. My wife never wears high heels, even though she’s only 147 cm ( 4′ 10″) tall. She doesn’t wear earrings ever, and make up consists of no more than a little lipstick. And I think she looks all the better for it.

    On the other hand, our daughter who is in her 40s is always “fashionable” in public. She typically wears 4 inch heels, which she complains are very uncomfortable and even painful when worn for a few hours, and yet when I ask her why she wears them she replies that it makes her feel good! Where’s the logic in that? That to me it totally irrational, especially when we brought her up to not make an idol out of fashion.

  3. Women put up with so much shit, it’s a wonderment to me that you haven’t all just killed us in our sleep millennia ago, but THIS one above all baffles me. At least a few good shots to the heads of the fashion designers would seem appropriate.

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