Missing Manners

I’m not sure what’s wrong with people these days. No-one has manners anymore. At least it seems that way sometimes.

A prime example just reared its ugly head earlier today.  I walk out of my condo to the smells of something incredibly yummy wafting on the breeze – and it’s obvious someone nearby, in my very building, has a scrumptious menu in the works. Do they not know the well-worn adage we all learned as small children: No food allowed unless you have enough to share with everyone?

If you’re going to torture the neighbors with delectable aromas, the least you can do is make enough for everyone. I mean, really.  Didn’t their mothers teach them anything?

2 thoughts on “Missing Manners

  1. hahah –
    I felt this way when we lived in a nice condo in San Jose CA – there was an Asian family on an end unit – never saw them on the patio (only sometimes saw them coming and going) but they cooked on that patio and the smell was everywhere – and it was so good.
    I like how you noted that it is manners to have enough to share — – so fun

  2. Thank you for this, we need you to be out there leading the charge in order to prevent our civilization from collapsing!!

    On an unrelated note, I now have a sudden and overwhelming need to BBQ tomorrow night…

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