7 thoughts on “Dreaming in Green

  1. The stone cottage sounds lovely – I hope you get it someday soon. (Do they have things like electricity, central heat, high speed internet access? Or is the lack of one or all of those things the factors which make them attractive?)

      • You could always get a letter from a barrister representing a long, long lost, extremely distant relative that no one has ever heard of bequeathing some amazing property to you – under the condition that you occupy it by the next new moon and live there for 30 days on just bread and water and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are allowed to look into that huge, spooky, oak wardrobe in the master bedroom (you know, the one with all of the ancient runes carved all over and the wispy tendrils of cold fog creeping out from the doors even on the warmest days and giving off the almost heard moans and muffled screams in the middle of the night)…

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