Future Disappointment

I remember watching the Jetsons years ago and being so excited for a future with flying cars, fully automated kitchens, and robot maids named Rosie.

Instead, here we are. With sex robots and Taco Bell delivered to our door.

All is not lost, though. There are some real-world inventions that I never would have imagined as I watched George walk Astro on the conveyor belt outside their floating apartment complex.

The Wine Rack: Ladies, rejoice. The Wine Rack is a bra that you fill with wine. It comes with a sipping nozzle (no, it’s not there, you perv! It’s on the side of the bra). You can carry your own booze with you anywhere you like.  This is as hilarious as it is genius.

The Better Marriage Blanket: Otherwise known as the fart blanket. Allows your husband (because we all know women don’t fart) to pass scentless gas.  This is going to save marriages because, according to a survey I just made up, farts are responsible for 62% of all divorces.

Rear Gear: At last. A solution to the annoying problem of your dog or cat having a butt.  No lie, these are stickers to put over the hole in your dog’s rear end.

Baby Mop: As someone who puts rags under her shoes to mop up spills because I’m too lazy to bend over, I applaud this one.  Stick this to your baby and as he crawls, he is polishing your floor. Sheer genius.

Diet Water: Not even going to try to explain this one. Apparently, getting fat by drinking water is a real issue.

Vertical Bed: You know, if you need to nap in line at the grocery store.

TV Hat: Wear your TV hat as you sleep standing up in your Vertical Bed.

Banana Slicer: Of all the fruits on the planet, the hardest to master is the banana.  Thank God someone invented this handy banana slicer.  For your added pleasure, you’ve got to read the comments on this one.

Neck Pro: Because having a licensed chiropractor to treat your neck pain is so “last year.”

Face Flex: Apparently, you can use this medieval torture implement to tighten and tone your facial muscles.  Scroll down the page to the short video.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.

Seriously though guys, if we are ever going to have flying cars, end world hunger, and achieve world peace, we need to do better than this.

Ok, so, I know you’ve been waiting for me to comment on the sex robots, so here is my take. They have male and female sexbots, and, well, honestly, I’m not sure it’s a bad thing.  Although I am concerned about the “try for 30 days, money back guarantee.” Just ewww.

As for me, if they make a male robot who does dishes, cuts the lawn, and changes the oil in my car, I’m all in.

7 thoughts on “Future Disappointment

  1. Oh now I want to watch The Jetsons! It was my favorite as a kid. 🙂 — Also, I got a kick out of this post. I’m pretty sure I smiled the entire time I was reading it. Well done! 😀

  2. I wanted to find the humor in these as intended, but I found myself getting depressed knowing that there were people out there stupid enough to be “inventing” dog butt stickers and mechanical face muscle massagers, and people even MORE stupid to be buying them.

    Then I saw the TV Hat and noted that you could have your logo, name, or slogan embroidered onto your hats. I had a vision of coming up with something “mystical” and “woo woo” to embroider on them (maybe that old Native American chant I learned at Boy Scout camp – “Whaa! Ta-goo! Siam!”) and sell at three times the price, five times the price if you want to also purchase a guidebook to the mystic secrets of the chant..

    I would still be depressed and horribly disappointed for humanity’s ignorance and stupidity – but I would be much richer.

  3. How do you find these things? I read the comments on the banana slicer offer, I had no idea that this website has actually entertainment value! I’m still recovering from rolling around the floor gasping for air 😀

  4. ummmm …
    – I have this built-in gadget called a dishwasher.
    – I have a lawn tractor.
    – I pay someone to change the oil.

    now. is there a pic of you and your rack? The wine Rack that is.

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