Breakroom Philosophy

The end of last year was, well, let’s just say, less than pleasant. The beginning of this year is on the same track. I find myself wishing the year away because, in a word, I’m tired.

So. With that said, let me recount to you a conversation I had with a coworker this morning as we spoke briefly over a percolating coffee pot.

Me (sighing): Good grief, will this year ever end??

Co-worker (bright and cheerful):  It’s only Wednesday.

Me: …

Co-worker: …

Me: … Ummm, yeah, that about sums it up.

And so it does.

4 thoughts on “Breakroom Philosophy

  1. If you get a chance to see a traveling Broadway show called Beautiful (about Carole King’s life), make every effort to go. I saw it Sunday and felt like I’d had a good dose of happiness. Sounds like you could use it, too.
    If not, just go to you tube and watch the 2015 Kennedy Center Awards that honored Carole King. Aretha Franklin sang Carole’s Natural Woman. OMG. Fabulous.

  2. One foot in front of another, one game at a time. Some days it’s all you can do, so it’s enough. Some days, you might not even be able to do that, and it’s okay too. Tomorrow’s another day.

    Did you watch “Firefly”?

    As for co-workers who are chipper and cheerful first thing in the morning, well… Your restraint in dealing with them is admirable. And you get to keep that bail money for extra partying this weekend!

  3. Sorry your year is so down making. Mine isn’t great so far, way overworked, but I am beginning to see positive lessons for myself about letting go of life long feeling of having to prove my competence over and over. Learning to be kinder and more tolerant of ME.

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