Be Afraid… Be Very Afraid

I’ve been studying some self-enlightenment material lately – more on that later. But one thing I’ve noticed in all these books and articles is that many self-help gurus preach that “you attract what you fear.” Okay. Fair enough.

For the record, I’m afraid of Tom Hardy. Scared to death, I’m telling you. And money! Great big gobs of money. I’m simply terrified of money… terrified, I say! I shudder to think what would happen if I were suddenly flooded with overwhelming financial stability.

There. Now, we wait.

9 thoughts on “Be Afraid… Be Very Afraid

  1. You forgot about that one Catch-22: You can’t fake your fear. It has to be something you’re genuinely afraid of or terrified by. Sincerity Level is ultimately determined by the Cosmic Minds Of The Universe, and they operate solely by telepathy.

  2. Addendum:
    You didn’t actually “bring about” negative elements or turbulent situations by “negative thoughts and attitudes”
    …it was actually the other way around: First the adverse situations and unsavory elements—THEN your reaction to them. You see, your negative thoughts and attitudes are your fear of the possibility of something destructive in your past recurring. It’s a defense mechanism—sense of self-preservation.

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