Joy to the World

So, true to form, I’m late with my first “three moments of joy” submission.  Quite frankly, yesterday was an extremely difficult day. It’s almost as if the gods that be saw my desire to be more joyful and said, “Oh yeah!? Well, have WE got a day for you, my pretty!” Strangely enough, the gods that be sound just like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Now, if it’s moments of gratitude we’re talking about, I’ve got that down … there were lots of moments of gratitude yesterday. From a very sweet and compassionate store clerk who spent just about forever helping an older gentleman get his $1.00 refund to a dear friend who tries his best to make me smile. But moments of joy?  Those were tough to identify. After some heavy consideration, I found that my moments of joy were also true to form… involving animals and books.

Moment of Joy #1:
While on my way through my neighborhood yesterday evening, I saw a guy … big, burly kind of guy, walking a little pug dog. The dog was young, likely still just a puppy – it had that puppy gait typical of very young pugs that is more hop than walk. It looked as though it had discovered something fascinating in the grass and was attempting to scare it into submission – by bouncing at it mind you—which only served to increase its cuteness by tenfold. I was reminded of Jack Frost in Santa Clause 3 … “What are you going to do, adorablize me? Sweet me into submission? Cute me to death?”  Joy is cute baby pugs.

Moment of Joy#2:
I went to the library. Yep. It was that simple. It wasn’t a long visit, I just had to return some books but in doing so took about five minutes to look at the shelves close to the book return. That’s all I needed.  Joy is being surrounded by books.

Moment of Joy #3:
After I was finally finished with errands and at home, in my own space, before I could even change out of my work clothes, I laid down on the couch with the intent to just sulk recoup after a trying day. While lying there, curled up on my side, the ne’er-do-well decided that I would make a good perching point, so she climbed up on my hip, somehow making herself fit as only cats can do, and laid there… purring.  Joy is a warm little ball of fluff.

Where did you find joy yesterday?

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  1. I went to lunch and to an amusement park with a child. Seeing the world through child eyes is joy.

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