Got Joy?

So. After a heavy fall in a parking lot and three hours at the emergency clinic, my three joys are thus – and this time, they’re in order of importance:

  1. I’m glad no-one saw me fall.
  2. I’m glad nothing is broken – only sprained or bruised.
  3. I’m glad I didn’t rip my work pants.

my wrists

That’s it. I’ve got nothing else for today. Hit me with your three moments, people… I need some joy right about now and I would absolutely love to hear yours.

20 thoughts on “Got Joy?

  1. Oh dear! I hope you heal quickly. They (I don’t know who they are, or why they say this) but ‘they’ say bad things happen in threes. So I am hoping you are in for a long stretch of good things.

  2. 1. Glad you were not seriously hurt
    2. Reminded to be glad again that I was not seriously hurt after a similar fall a couple months ago.
    3. Delighted that I only have a couple hours of work from home this day, instead of what looked likely to be 4 hours of driving plus a long assessment with a client filling my Saturday.

  3. Sorry you fell and I’m happy you are ok. I fell on public transit in New Orleans. Not only was I seen falling, it was recorded by the security camera. 🤣
    What am I glad for today:
    1. Vanilla Porter
    2. My homemade Kahlua turned out tasty
    3. I found a “I cook for one” sized pack of chicken thighs. Only 99 cents a pound.

  4. Hope you are back in action soon. There are other ways to get out of working, without hurting yourself. Joy: there was no line in the post office when I went there this morning. The sun’s out…mostly and my cat is sleeping on the patio. Oh, I also made a great smoothie.

    • The best joy of all… no line at the post office! Ties with no line at the MVA, now that I think about it. And cats on patios are always joyful. Cats anywhere are joyful. Well, not with their face in the coffee I just made, but still…

  5. Glad to see that you didn’t break anything, and I hope you feel better soon!

    Here are the three things I am glad for, today:
    1) I have the whole weekend off!
    2) My cat has let me sleep in this morning (thank God!!)
    3) I have a couple of hours to myself, to catch up a little on my blogging, after weeks of getting really badly behind!

    Have a lovely weekend (given the circumstances) xx

  6. Glad you (apparently) didn’t break any of your fingers
    …you’re still writing (typing)

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