2 thoughts on “Photo Realism

  1. It matches my Monday face when I came back from a week off, to a mountain of work and a new computer meant to expedite digging into the mountain which instead did not work. Lost an entire day and had to drive 85 miles to nearest “tech” to have an automatic function turned off that should never have been programmed in the first place. What is it that people don’t get about life in low Net connectivity areas, despite being told over and over and over that much of my state remains “frontier” in technology access? I mean my work pays for a land line because there is no cell phone reception in my office. Doesn’t that tell them band width is likely to be limited?

  2. It’s Wednesday? Thanks for the heads up, I’ve truly lost track at the moment.

    Now, what are the names of the other days? What order are they in? Is it the same order every week? I don’t care what it’s name is, when do I have some days which don’t involve work?

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