Thoughts and Prayers

While taking my dog to the vet, I came across a sad sight. Now, I don’t know what happened here… but my thoughts are with the teeny tiny little witch whose broom– no doubt a beloved possession, was left behind. It’s possible that, being a good-citizen type witch, they hopped a Lyft, having imbibed on some of the fermented apple cider being sold at a local fruit stand. But, sadly, this diminutive flying apparatus was found in the aisle-way rather than in a parking spot. So, I keep thinking that perhaps, after stocking up on all their Halloween-y things at the grocery store (which shares the same parking lot as the vet), someone broadsided the poor wee thing as they pulled out of their parking spot but before they could gain any altitude, and it just breaks my heart, I tell you.  I hope they’re okay, wherever they are.

an ultra close up… this thing is SMALL

3 thoughts on “Thoughts and Prayers

  1. Hmmmm … would it be rude to suggest that it could belong to someone’s ex??? Yeh, I suppose that it would be less than kind.

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