The Ad Who Knew Too Much

Do you remember when I mentioned being targeted with Facebook ads?  I know I’m not the only one that this happens too. It’s an ongoing initiative by “big brother” to monetize their surveillance efforts.  But now, Facebook algorithms are aware of just how intrusive their shadowy observations have become. And it’s not a good thing. In fact, it’s worrisome to say the least.

An ad popped up on my Facebook feed – I don’t remember what it was for now, admittedly, my brain is a sieve… but as my fellow Facebook users will know, you can click on an ad and “hide” it so that you won’t be bothered with that vendor again in the future.  Well. When I clicked to do just that, the below message appeared, a new variant on the choices I’m always given when I do decide to hide an ad.

Note the “too personal” option. That was never there before. At least not since the last time I tried to hide an ad. Too personal.  Hmmm… you mean, too personal as in you secretly recorded my offline conversations and decided to use that information in the form of an insidious marketing ploy? Or too personal as in, you thought I might like a ball gag and handcuffs but suddenly realized that perhaps that was too personal of an offer to make?

What really has me concerned though, is the very new-to-me “knows too much” option. Do you see that? Are you as worried as I am?  Knows too much. What the hell does that mean?  Is that a sly admission to the whole “hey, we’re listening in to your offline interactions but don’t really want you to know that, and it’s just your imagination anyway — ha ha” scheme they’ve got going on? I think it is. I mean, what else could it be?  It’s not like it was an ad for a full set of encyclopedias, in which case, sure, yeah, maybe the “knows too much” would factor in.

No. This has to be Facebook messing with their users. Which begs the question, what kind of game are you playing over there Facebook? Knows too much, indeed.


6 thoughts on “The Ad Who Knew Too Much

  1. I’m betting that if you marked knows-too-much that Facebook may interpret that as you are already too freaked out as to what they know, even though there may be clear reason for it.

    Maybe just start marking everything as irrelevant or repetitive, whether it really is or not. (shrug).

  2. I wonder how they use the data when you choose to hide an ad? It probably let’s them figure out your age, income and religious beliefs. Why else give us the choice?

  3. It is almost impossible to ‘hide’ from online surveillance (except the political kind) but there are ways to sandbox Facebook and completely isolate it from what you’re doing elsewhere on the web. Google Facebook container and put on your tinfoil hat 🤪

  4. Knows too much is just as scary. If an ad knows too much, might I off them like a mobster?
    The real questions is when do we know when an ad knows too much or it gets too personal? Makes me wonder if they got lazy and now are using a catch all for selections as both these would work great for reasons you want a post removed or to block a person.

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