Calling Dibs… Feline Style

Don’t ever let it be said that I won’t share… and when my cat sticks her face down into my glass of bubbly carbonated fruit juice, I’m like, eh, whatever, have at it. But to then have the audacity to SNEEZE in my drink!?

Oh sure, the bubbles got up your nose, so you say, but I’m sorry, that’s simply taking it one step too far. Back in the day, I used to lick the Oreos so my brother wouldn’t eat them… I know what you’re doing here, my feline friend.

don’t be fooled, cats understand boundaries perfectly well… they just don’t care.

6 thoughts on “Calling Dibs… Feline Style

  1. Cats are capable of learning. They don’t want to, and they have way too much fun training you, but they CAN learn.

    In this case, a bit of bubbly carbonated fruit juice over the head (just a bit!) and the accompanying stickiness might have been my response – as a stimulus to learn, don’t you know?!

  2. And yes they will mark what they want to take over in whatever ways they choose. I had a kitten willing to sleep on bbq rib bones to prevent our dog from chewing them, or me from tossing them. Also sneezing into drinks that weren’t bubbly, including my morning coffee which she wanted left in place until it was cold enough for her to lap sat. They are indeed wiley souls.

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