Sense and Sensibility and Snark

I’ve often thought of starting an advice column. You don’t need a degree for common sense, right? Sometimes I think that too many degrees, certifications, and the like can actually keep common sense at bay.

Is your mother-in-law a nosy cat intent on destroying your marriage to her saintly child? Kindly tell her to go to hell, or not so kindly. Your choice. Probably not at Christmas or anything, but December 26th is a good day to do the deed. Co-worker trying to destroy your life?  Ask them what you did to make them hate you. Get to the bottom of issues!  Then, in the most professional way possible, tell them to kindly fuck off.

I’m inspired by people like Ann Landers and Abigail Van Buren (who were sisters). They gave sound advice to thousands, if not millions of people.  Ann once said, “Know yourself. Don’t accept your dog’s admiration as conclusive evidence that you’re wonderful.” I love this!

And while I am duly impressed by the likes of Dear Abby, Dear Prudence, and Ask Amy, I wouldn’t be fluffy with my advice. Oh no, my advice column would be more of the snarkier variety. Honest yet blunt… caring yet, well, um, blunt. Blunt with a side of snark. That’s my motto!

Is your significant other cheating? Give that low-down, lying schmuck the boot! Kick ‘em to the curb, I say! You deserve better!

Old high school classmate filling your Facebook inbox with essential-oil business opportunities? Block them! So what if it’s your husband’s sister!?  Block that pyramid scheming, MLM-spewing huckster! You don’t need that kind of stress in your life!

Just think, if I wrote under a pen name, there would even be a chance of that crazy ex-relative of mine writing to me and I could tell them to stop being such a self-absorbed narcissistic prat with too many cats!

Naturally any money I made would go towards extensive liability insurance, but it would be sooo worth it.

Are you a good person stuck in an awful situation? Write to me and let me help you sort it out! You see, there’s no room for unbiased perspectives in my column. I would stick up for the letter writer, always. Everyone needs someone on their side. Unless of course, they were an obvious asshole, in which case I would let them know in no uncertain terms that they’re the problem and should maybe find a mirror for some deep introspection.

I imagine myself firing away on a typewriter (they still make those, right?) and sending common sense advice out into the universe, making the world a better place.

I probably wouldn’t tell anyone about my column. It would be my secret, hence the aforementioned pen name. I would simply enjoy the fact that anyone I passed on the street might be someone who wrote to me. I might even hear the person behind me at Starbucks telling a friend about the wonderful advice they’d received from Miss Anonymous Snarky McSnarkpants… it was just the kick in the ass they needed to change their life!

And I would take my drink and walk home, smiling to myself. I’m a hero.

8 thoughts on “Sense and Sensibility and Snark

  1. Maybe it’s my LaLaLand surroundings, but I see this as the next big hit sitcom. You as the n’er do well advice columnist who is just as messed up as those you’re giving advice to, but giving out raw, blunt, world-class snarky advice. Sort of a “Two & A Half Men” meets “Murphy Brown” thing.

    When they start casting, please let me play the role of your unrequited love interest, the defrocked priest who gave up my Roman collar for you, where I now work as a bartender at your favorite watering hole just so I can be near you…

    Hey, there’s some good stuff here!

  2. The down side comes, sadly, when that comment behind you in the coffee line is the opposite, how following Snarky’s advice cost the job and the friends and the next step being seriously considered is suicide or murder.
    The best counselors, including the A sisters, offer suggestions of different ways to look at a problem then leave it to the reader to follow through or not. That is the only way I know to not take on responsibility for someone else’s poor decisions.
    For me, snark is most effective expressed as you do it, in the abstract where one can vicariously enjoy applying it to a personal situation.
    Like the coworker who persists in giving me unasked for, unwanted and totally erroneous advice. 🤣

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