9 thoughts on “Dreaming the Unspeakable

  1. Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) I couldn’t name my kid that as neither Æ nor numerals are permitted in names registered on birth certificates in Aotearoa New Zealand. Besides registrars can refuse to register names if they are likely to result in ridicule or similar harm to the child. However, once you reach the age of 18 you are free to take any name you wish, pronounceable or not, offensive or not, ridiculous or not (so long as it consists of the letters A thru Z, spaces and hyphens). [thinks] I wonder of anyone has changed their name to ““?

    • Musk is in California and they have similar laws, so they may run into a problem with this name. Although with Musk’s money, maybe he’ll just pay an exorbitant exception fee (if they exist) and have it go thru. Who knows.

  2. You don’t need to be (outrageously) rich to name your kid that…, you just have to hate them.

    (then again, his kid’s formative years will be totally and completely different from mine)

    And how do you get a nickname out of THAT?

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