Stop, Hey, What’s That Sound

As many of you may remember, I live in a patio level condo. You might also remember, that the neighbors from hell recently moved in above me. It’s been one long noise-fest ever since. Is noise stress a thing? If not, it should be a thing. Because I’m here to tell you, constant noise can make you crazy. Oh sure, the argument could be made that I was crazy before they moved in, but still.  Noise stress is definitely a thing.

Fast forward to this weekend. I was napping today, as one is wont to do when one is tired with a migraine. Alas, I awoke from my nap… and not in a comforting way by the relaxing crash of ocean waves against the shore or the rustling of a gentle breeze through a bedroom window that opens on a lovely white sand view… no, truth be told, that was the dream from which I awoke, worse luck. Instead, I was wrestled violently from my slumber by the upstairs neighbors having loud afternoon sex from a bed that is clearly in desperate need of some WD-40 (in volume quantities from the sounds of it) and while we’re at it, let’s just throw some padding between the headboard and the wall, shall we… as their youngest – who, along with the rest of the crew, had no doubt been shown the door for the momentous occasion – stood outside, feet planted inches from my bedroom window, face turned upwards, screaming “mooooommmmmm” over and over and over and over again at the top of his lungs. His volume capability was really quite impressive. He beat The Wailing Child hands down, and that’s saying something. And all I could think of in that moment was, “for the love of all that’s holy, let them be using protection.”

And how was YOUR day?

I think my neighbors took their online training course.

9 thoughts on “Stop, Hey, What’s That Sound

  1. I’m thinking that if they can “do it” with Wailing Child II (their own, no less) right outside, protection wasn’t high on their list.

    Oh no. Now Starland Vocal Band is IN MY HEAD!

  2. Yet another reason why I benefit from my decision years ago to move to a rural home. Yes I gave up probably hundreds of thousands of dollars in lifetime earning potential, but I gained peace, solitude, access to varied beauty and outdoor activities, keeping horses and rabbits and chickens (fresh eggs) and now also relative freedom from fear of infection. A trade well worth the small cost.

  3. I do empathize, even as I congratulate myself. Noise invasion is so very stressful and crazy making. Wish I could wave a and and your unit be insulated and sound baffled. Might it help a little to nail rugs to the ceiling? At least give you something pretty to look at as you stare death toward the upper floor.

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