A Simple Thank You

Today would have been my Dad’s 79th birthday. As regular readers know, he passed away in the Fall of 2018. I have no eloquent turn of phrase to mark his birthday or his passing. Just a heartache that has yet to heal.

Musings from a Tangled Mind

To my Dad.

Thank you for always having my back.

Thank you for always making sure I have gas and bridge money.

Thank you for not selling me to the circus.


Thank you.

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3 thoughts on “A Simple Thank You

  1. 💗💗💗 Sending virtual hugs and good thoughts. Some things never stop hurting, but we’re forced to learn to bear them and keep moving anyway. 💔💔💔

  2. I did not have the type of close relationship with my father that you had with yours, but enough of a bond that I still note his birthday, decades after his death. And I still on occasion point something out to him that I see, and know he would enjoy. I don’t think we “get over” a loss by death, but rather gradually transform the residual relationship from sharp pain to resumed warm closeness, just of a different form. May this goal give you hope.

  3. It’s tough. It’s been 10 years since I lost my dad, and I miss him all the time. A toast in memoriam to your dad, and one to you as well.

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