All the Monday Feels

I hate Mondays.
I hate mornings.
I hate people.
I hate having a mandatory Zoom meeting stupidly scheduled for 5 minutes after I walk into the office. I mean, who does that!?
But hey, other than that, it’s going pretty well.

me, being reminded that since I’m the one who scheduled the Zoom meeting, I should probably attend…

5 thoughts on “All the Monday Feels

  1. Scavengers and sycophants and flatterers and fools
    Pharisees and parasites and hypocrites and ghouls
    Calculating swindlers, prevaricating frauds
    Perpetrating evil as they roam the earth in hordes
    Feeding on their fellow men
    Reaping rich rewards
    Contaminating everything they see
    Corrupting honest men like me
    Humbug! Poppycock! Balderdash! Bah!
    I hate people! I hate people!

  2. Even though I’m now retired, those Zoom meetings of a few months ago are still clear in my mind, especially the ones that are scheduled last-minute during a day of deadlines. I hope yours was not too painful. 🙂

  3. Five minutes after you walk into the office?
    Not even enough time to use the restroom beforehand? How sadistic and autocratic!

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