A New Monday Beckons

We’re on the cusp of yet another work week and as Sunday evening gently turns into Monday morning, we must ask ourselves this burning question: what the hell happened to the weekend!? I mean, honestly, it was Friday like five minutes ago. This is such bullshit.

On another note, it’s always interesting to go into work the Monday after New Year’s. Everyone is full of cheer and high hopes as they ride the waves of their newly minted resolutions. And if you don’t notice them full of cheer and high hopes as they ride the waves of their newly minted resolutions, they will surely tell you all about it over the course of the day. If, in their excitement of “a New Year, a New Me,” they forget who they’ve talked to already, you might just get to enjoy a second rendition.

As for me, I don’t expect my New Year’s resolution to last for long… in fact, I’m guessing it’ll be out the window by lunch time.


7 thoughts on “A New Monday Beckons

  1. My resolution is to not tolerate fools at all. I’ll be civil once if I must, I’ll growl once as a warning, and if they’re too stupid to take the hint they deserve what they’re going to get. Life’s too short.

    I guess I wouldn’t be one of those “cheer and high hopes” crowd… :-))

  2. You still go in to work? Not on line from home? One of the benefits of Covid for some of us is the now easy ability to avoid, or at least mute, the fools. And to avoid knowing if/when they mute us 🙃

    • The majority of our office was furloughed in the Spring when the shit really hit the fan here in my state. Then, we were called back to work and worked remotely for a few months – thanks to a dear friend, I had the equipment to do that, thereby keeping my job. But then the powers that be decided we needed a skeleton crew in the office. I was one of the few called back as essential personnel (all other staff continues to work remotely). It’s unnecessary (as we can work 100% from home and be productive) and unsafe, but I need the job. So I do my best to stay in my own office and take every kind of precaution when I have to venture out.

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