Rabbits Afoot

The Easter Bunny may or may not come to my house this year, but I’m not taking any chances… so I found my own Easter Eggs. The Cadbury Creme variety. Yum!  I love this time of year if for no other reason than creme eggs!  Well, that and the Spring weather which, quite frankly, seems to be eluding us this year. What the hell is up with that, Mother Nature?  But, hey, if I’m honest, it’s mostly the creme eggs.

So spill the beans everybody – what’s your favorite candy? Something you can just go out and pick up everyday whenever you’re in the mood, or are you like me, and it’s that one elusive confection that’s only available during certain seasons or in a specific place so you’re forced to turn into a sweets hoarder when you finally do see it in a market?

8 thoughts on “Rabbits Afoot

  1. Reese’s – cups, eggs, Christmas trees, pieces…
    The form factor is irrelevant, the chocolate/PB combo goes straight to my pleasure centers!

    Not that I would turn down M&Ms, Snickers, a Hershey bar (male or female), 3 Musketeers, a chocolate bunny…

    • There aren’t too many kinds of candy that I would turn down, but I do really enjoy Reese’s cups. The white chocolate ones remind me a lot of a “peanut butter roll” (also called pinwheels) my mother used to make.

  2. the Cadbury eggs are my fav easter treat, but throughout the year, I love cadbury Carmello bars and milk chocolate turtles

  3. Prior to a decision by Cadbury to use palm oil instead of cocoa butter in around 2008, Cadbury and Nestle were the largest chocolate brands in New Zealand by far. The NZ protest was very loud and in very short time, a small local player (Whittaker’s) became the nation’s largest chocolate brand and remains so today. On the rare occasions I sample Cadbury (or Nestle) these days, I’m afraid it pales in comparison to the local brand.

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