Give a Man a Fish…

I must say that eating sushi was never something I equated with my grocery shopping experience. I guess my concerns center round the whole aesthetics and hygiene thing, and you know, the raw fish. Admittedly, sushi is not something I would eat in general, let alone at the grocery store. But…

I recently saw a man eating sushi in the grocery store. Umm… eww?

Yeah, so I was at the local grocery store yesterday (not the fancy kind either, just your run-of-the-mill chain store), wandering the rows and trying to make my way through my list when I noticed a man looking at the sushi they have pre-prepared in the case. I noticed him because he made a big deal about hemming and hawing over the case as he took off his baseball cap, scratched his head, and eyed up the display.  In a loud manner, he pulled the seafood clerk aside to ask if it was fresh. Now, I can’t speak to the honesty of the clerk, but he told the man that ‘yes, it’s made fresh every day.’ He failed to mention what time of day. It could have been made first thing that morning, for all we knew, and here it was, 8:30pm. But the guy seemed satisfied enough with that answer, and that’s what matters, I suppose. I mean, he was purchasing sushi at the local grocery store, after all. Anyway, the guy made his selection and moved on. I didn’t see what he chose (I’m not that nosy.)

I returned to my shopping, and a few minutes later, I saw this guy again. Now he was down at the other end of the seafood counter (where they have cheese and pasta in a refrigerated section, which is where I was headed), and I kid you not, he was eating the sushi! With his fingers. Right there in the store. Eating. The. Sushi. He couldn’t even wait to get home or at the least to the semi-privacy of his car.  Eating sushi in the middle of the grocery store. Who does that? It’s not like he was trying to hide it either. You know, have your sushi but not pay for it. He was just sort of there, for everyone to see. Can you imagine taking up an empty sushi container to the check out? Do you even try to explain that or just stare silently at the questioning cashier?

I’ve seen some quirky behavior in the grocery store. Some of it is a bit more common than others, some of it not very sanitary. But… a sushi dinner? How badly must you need a sushi fix to pop open the container and just start shoveling it in while loitering in aisle 5?  

Most people love a good sushi dinner now and then. Well, maybe not most people. But a substantial portion of the population appreciates the delicacies of raw fish and their pairings with rice, veggies, and seaweed. Part of the reason some people like sushi is the pleasure of going to a nice restaurant where the sushi is freshly made moments before being served. Then, of course, there’s the ambiance of the sushi bar itself. 

For this guy, however, the assurance of “made fresh everyday” was more than enough… regardless of what time of day that might be.  And ambiance?  Who the hell needs ambiance when you’re downing grocery store sushi next to the pasta and cheese display at the Piggly Wiggly? If that’s where you are in your life, ambiance is probably the last thing on your mind. 

5 thoughts on “Give a Man a Fish…

  1. Maybe this guy just came from the bar and had the munchies…or he simply does not have discretion with his eating habits, time or place. We have a local grocery store where the sushi chef will make it for you on the spot. It’s the only place I buy and eat sushi that is not in a restaurant because I know it is fresh and tasty. I only hope I never see anyone in the deli area rip open a container of whole broasted chicken and start eating. That would be messy and disgusting!

  2. I adore good sushi. Note the word GOOD. LOL I have never and probably will never buy sushi from my grocery store. That’s usually not ‘fresh’ nor good. Also, not all sushi has raw fish in it.
    As for him eating in the store, I mean, who HASN’T done that? Really? Just me and this guy? Well damn.

  3. I love sushi, but I still would wait till I’m out the store. I was going to say isn’t that illegal, but then I remembered how some times stores have “freebies”.

  4. My wife, having lived the first 24 years of her life in Japan, knows all there is to know about sushi. It’s a dish we regularly make at home, especially when the whānau (extended family) visit. We have two sushi shops in our town but the wife never buys from them as they are not up to her standard. But one of our two supermarkets makes sushi and that is (mostly) to a high standard, and that she will buy. The labelling includes the time of packaging as well as the date, and the products are marked down by around 50% after an hour on the shelf and are removed after two hours.

    As for eating “in store”, although it’s not considered the best etiquette, it happens here often enough for it not to raise eyebrows. And you can be confident that the person monitoring the store’s CCTV will notice and make sure the empty package gets scanned at the checkout.

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