Relatable News

I get news notifications on my phone. I’m sure many of you do as well. Now, I know I’ve talked about the whole idea of “Big Brother is watching” before, but come on! It’s like this entire headline was written specifically for me. I should be outraged, and I am. But damn, if this isn’t spot on.  

2 thoughts on “Relatable News

  1. Back in the good old days we had a few psychotic individuals who heard voices. Some of them became mass murderers, some became prophets and saints. (A subtle distinction, to be sure.) Now, we all have psychotic AI’s in our phones, spying on our every word and thought, and uttering prophecies and advice that Cassandra would give her right arm for.

    This is called “progress.”

  2. I feel all I have to do is think about something — usually it’s “should I buy…” and bam! A Facebook ad for that product and other related products.

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