Is It Hot in Here (or Is It Just Me)?

The temperature today was 98 with a heat index of 110. Running the A/C in my car makes my car overheat … and yes, I know I need to get that fixed, thanks. As soon as I have a couple hundred dollars, I plan to do that very thing. But in the meantime:


4 thoughts on “Is It Hot in Here (or Is It Just Me)?

  1. ugh, it’s so hot where I live as well. I don’t understand why they say it’s “95 degrees but it feels like 110.” Like…umm…then it’s 110! LOL

  2. The temperatures will only, get hotter and hotter, each and every year from here in out, and there will be more and more, natural, disasters everywhere too, as is, the effects of global warming…

  3. This(!). If I go outside and it “feels like” 110, then it’s 110. Full stop. 💥

    Don’t bother me with details. Unless they’re accompanied with a cold drink…

  4. Saying it feels like 110º but it’s “only” 95º really is like saying that a fall from 50,000′ without a parachute won’t kill you, it’s that sudden stop at the end that’s to blame!

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