2 thoughts on “Monday Fashionista

  1. What has kept me able to focus on the work week is maintaining the routine of dressing appropriately for public view, each day, though minus the makeup that I only ever applied scantily. Leaving work means changing to relaxed clthes. Big help keeping work separate from home life when there is no commute.

  2. Since 99.99% of my work is now from home, I tend to wear “work-ish attire” on days when I know that I have a Zoom meeting or two, and more comfy clothing on the other days. There have been a couple of days when I’ve gotten a Teams call that was unscheduled and been “caught” in the comfy clothes, but so far no one’s said anything and on most of those occasions, my co-workers and boss have been in sweats as well. I can’t remember the last time I wore a tie or a suit, which used to be the norm. And I almost NEVER wear a bra anymore!

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