My Introvert Life – Log Entry 56502

Stardate 20220505 – Time: Thursday Night Hell

I’m not much of a people person and those close to me know this. Even those not so close to me know this. So at the last minute when two of my friends that I made plans with for a random Thursday night said they were bringing some other friends that I never met along, that little anxiety-riddled part of my brain quickly looked for a way out of the ordeal. I seriously considered buying a plane ticket to anywhere that was not here and simply starting a new life under an assumed name.

But alas, moments later I found myself in the back of an SUV that I’d never ridden in before on my way to dinner at a place I had never eaten at before. Oh yes, I said to myself. This is hell. I’m in hell.

Everyone was going on and on and having a great time, and there I was, just trying to survive the outing long enough to get back home to the safety of my tea, favorite book, cheesy TV, and my cats, and wondering what the hell was I thinking to ever go out in the first place. I mean, it seemed like a good idea at the time. But then, doesn’t it always? And it’s not. It’s never a good idea.

Oh, here comes the waiter. “Can I get you ladies anything else this evening?”

Me screaming in my head: “Just the check, thanks.”

My mouth: “oh, that lava cake looks good.”

Me in my head: “Damn my weakness for sweets. Ah the hell with it. What’s 10 more minutes in hell anyway, right? At least there’s cake.”

7 thoughts on “My Introvert Life – Log Entry 56502

  1. An unfamiliar vehicle, an unfamiliar location or unfamiliar people are difficult enough to deal with if it’s just one of them, but all three together goes beyond the pale.

    But you’re right, even hell becomes somewhat survivable with an appropriate temptation.

  2. You poor thing. I know social anxiety is a real problem for a lot of people. So glad cake made the experience a little more bearable!

  3. Absolutely the worst thing…having others included when you don’t know it’s happening. Changes everything. Hate when that happens and usually cancel. The cake sounds fabulous, but you can buy that for yourself and eat it with your cats. Lots more fun.

  4. At least no one was reciting Vogon poetry! Although then you could have been delivered from the ordeal as your intestines would have leapt up out of your throat and strangled you.

    How was the lava cake?

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