Thumper Says…

July 4th is right around the corner, and here in the United States, it’s supposed to be a big deal. But if you’ve been paying attention to anything that’s been going on in the good ol’ US of A recently, you know it’s not exactly a time to be celebrating. So, following Thumper’s rule of manners, I will just say this: I’m glad the Fourth of July makes for a long weekend. Enjoy.



5 thoughts on “Thumper Says…

  1. Thumper is wise. Thumper is kinds. But given the world we live in today, if we’re going to take advice from cartoon characters of our youth, I would pick someone from a Ralph Bakshi film, like “Wizards.”

  2. No celebrations, no freedoms, no independence…just ownership, enslavement and the republican’s wish for our deaths. Morons are in charge. Screw them.

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