Life Imitates Art

Okay, so who had “necrobiotic spiders” on their apocalypse bingo card?  I mean, come on folks!  This is not the time to be imitating “Re-Animator.”  Seriously. WTF!? We’ve all seen the movies that start with this kind of crap… when do they EVER end well??

spoiler alert: these movies NEVER end well




3 thoughts on “Life Imitates Art

  1. I know there’s that whole “Just because you COULD do it doesn’t mean that you SHOULD do it!” caution (I know, I know, this is how you get monkeypox being spread by tiny velociraptors breeding in the sewers) but hear me out! What if we’ve already gone by the tipping point and there are so many simultaneous catastrophes enveloping us that there’s 0.00% chance of the human race surviving the next 100 years? And THAT’s before the giant asteroid hits.

    So let the mad scientists go nuts! Hit us with your best shot! What wacky, lunatic idea lies a couple of steps beyond your wackiest fantasy to date? WHAT HAVE WE GOT TO LOSE AT THIS POINT?

    At worst, someone actually comes up with someting insane enough so that we survive. At best, while the human race will be wiped out, whatever evolves out of our toxic, polluted, flaming ooze in a million years will have some really wild stuff to dig up when they re-discover archaeology!

    I say, “GO FOR IT!” (Correct – it will not end well.)

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