I’m not going.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but, back in July, I had a health scare that put me in the hospital. The doctors assured me that the issue was resolved and life could continue with nary a worry on the horizon.  Well, as so often happens, they were wrong. My recent radio silence was brought on by another such incident occurring and yep, another hospital stay.  But, my family and you, dear readers, are not getting rid of me so easily. I’m here to stay.

Besides, from experience, it’s the really outrageous plotlines that come next… wouldn’t want to miss that.


4 thoughts on “I’m not going.

  1. Start ad libbing and taking care of the narrative! You’re the star of this show, they can’t make it without you! Who cares what your clown writers write, do it your way and they’ll have to just deal with it! ❤️

  2. These things that happen in our lives, are, merely, reminders we need to make some drastic changes in the way we live, like diet, exercises, go to bed early, and, if we take heed the first time, then, we won’t get these, similar health scares repeatedly…

  3. Don’t retire, then. I relate to the out of nowhere health challenges that totally upend one’s life plans. Only mine held off until I retired. No Covid, which coincided, was not the cause, only the complicator, as I am more than a year into symptoms and still waiting to get to appropriate specialist for diagnosis. Sorry you have had hospital level issues, glad you could get inpatient care.

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