Finding Joy in the Little Things

I would like to impart some wisdom to you, dear readers, for a life well lived. Oh, I’m a life coach now, didn’t you know? It’s a career that suits me, I think. Hey, don’t roll your eyes at me! I’m a freakin’ life coach, have some respect!

When having a stressful day, you should find joy in the little things. It’s these small moments in time where you can truly find peace and tranquility, even when the rest of your day has gone to shi… not as you planned. Yes, the art of finding joy each day takes some work on your part. It involves actively seeking out the positive aspects of your surroundings, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant they may seem. But I promise you, once you start viewing life through an intentional lens of joyfulness, you’ll be surprised at how many of these moments you’ll find. And when they reveal themselves, just pause, breathe, and enjoy the gift that the universe has given you.

It might be beneficial for me to provide some samples, so that you’re not just out there, lost and wandering around, desperately looking for joy in all the wrong places (hmmm… that sounds like a song). Here is a compelling example, and this just happened to me today, so I can attest to the joy it brings. As you’re making your way through your to do list and you’re already upset that this one particularly stupid thing you have to do is taking you across town and traffic is a bear, as always … find joy in the pick-up truck decked out for mudding (in a suburb that has no mud … anywhere) with the COVID is a hoax bumper sticker and rubber balls (yes, of the testicle variety) hanging off the hitch who was weaving in and out of traffic and cutting everyone off (including you) just to get caught at the same red light where you now find yourself. As you sit in the lane right beside them, let their angry face and head shaking pour over you like a wave of sunshine. And then, when they get caught at the NEXT light as well … I’m telling you, pure bliss.

Or perhaps, that joyful moment comes in witnessing firsthand the person who didn’t take their cart back to the cart return (animal!), and rather, left it sitting in the empty spot beside them (thereby taking up a coveted parking spot), only to have the cart roll backwards into the bumper of their ultra fancy car with the pristine paint job. But it gets better, because also they didn’t see it, so they ran into it as they were trying to pull out of their parking space. Ahhh, it’s enough to bring a smile to this old curmudgeonly face.

See? Told you. Joy in the little things.

I’m a GREAT life coach.

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