An Epiphany

It might just be the day I’ve had, and I’ll admit, it was a doozy, but I’ve had an epiphany — I’ve decided to have the water connection on my fridge redirected to a keg of wine.  No more humdrum H2O for me. Oh no!  From now on, I’m going to have chilled Merlot or perhaps a Riesling pouring out of my refrigerator’s tap! I would’ve chosen Bailey’s (my favorite) but I figured that would gunk up the lines…and Vodka…well that would just mean I have issues.


Baking Day (or Useful Tips)

Today was a “baking” day. And today’s concoction was candy. So just in case anyone is interested in making Rachael Ray’s delicious 5 minute fudge wreath, it took me slightly longer than 5 minutes (try 30), a pretty hefty shot of Bailey’s, a burned tongue (don’t ask me how), only 750 swear words, and one slightly overwhelming sense of failure.  Easy Peasy! 

Fudge Wreath

Picture from Recipe


MY results....somehow not quite the same as the photo in the recipe

MY results after 2 tries at a ‘wreath’….just doesn’t look quite the same, does it?