Sanity Reclaimed

Sometimes just one happy thing can make up for a long, tedious, “want to kill everyone in my path” week. You know how you have those weeks? Yeah, well. My sanity has been reinstated by a small, fluffy, four-legged stranger. If only everything about life was this easy. We spent but a brief time in my backyard together as I kept him warm and sheltered snuggled and hopefully, not afraid…and then his parents came and I discovered my newfound friend was somewhat of an escape artist. Oh, such a dagger to the heart. Here I thought he was a lost soul. Then again…perhaps, just perhaps, he’s sort of like Batman. Instead of simply escaping, which really, just trivializes his amazing capabilities, he answers the call of those in need of a cold nose, floppy ears, and a waggly tail to brighten their day – or maybe (and I’m just spitballing here), he uses his profound cuteness to adorabalize his target into submission – to sap their deep, if temporary, desire for inflicting an “Earth shattering kaboom” on their fellow-man – some of their fellow-men at least. In which case, he is indeed very, very good at his job, I must say.