A New Ride

Today is “chore day.” I hate chore day. As you might imagine, I’ve been trying my best to avoid any and all activities around my house that might involve laundry, cleaning, or just general adult-like responsibilities. So. Instead of being productive, I’ve been searching for a new ride, as my current one is in desperate need of repairs. As of this afternoon, I had my search pretty much narrowed down.  Unfortunately, upon further examination, the front-runner has been disqualified.

DAMN! Looks like my search must continue …



A Heartfelt Plea

Despite my aforementioned raging hangover headache, yes, my non-alcohol related headache, I’m working frantically to get my weekend chores completed. While ferrying trash and recyclables (hey, I’m nothing if not environmentally conscious) from my inner sanctum to the appropriate cans outside, I can’t help but notice the temperature has taken a serious nose-dive from the pleasantly balmy weather we had yesterday, but, in retrospect, not unlike the wintry weather we had just last week.

To which I say, for the love of god(dess?), Mother Nature, pick a season and stick with it! Please. I’m begging you.




Weekend Exploits

So. How was everyone’s Saturday night? Did we all survive?  As I lay here nursing a killer hangov… average, run of the mill headache, I wonder – as I so often do – why I am the way I am. And, I give thanks to the gods that be that I did not, apparently despite my best efforts, need that hospital trip after all.


Me, drunk, reaching out to a very confused and angry Opossum: Here kitty, kitty, kitty…




All’s Fair in Love and … Publicity

I think if you’re going to argue with someone on the phone really, really loudly in public while using all types of … um … colorful metaphors and whatnot, you should be required to have it on speakerphone. If the rest of us are going to be subjected to the drama, we at least deserve to hear both sides.