And Poof, It Was Gone …

It’s that time again. Monday is almost upon us. I swear, it seems like this weekend has just flashed by, and I’m telling you, I simply wasn’t ready. I think we should have a do-over. One that doesn’t involve chores or endless responsibilities that keep us from actually enjoying our so-called time off. Who do I talk to about that, anyway?

Monday Blues…on a Sunday

You know what tomorrow is. That’s right, Monday. I hate Mondays, I won’t lie. But at least I have science to back me up on this. And while, as the article states, an argument can be made that all work days are awful in and of themselves, what virtually everyone remembers as being particularly horrible is…all together now…Monday. I think we should just do away with Mondays — as a work day — altogether. Let the work week start at Wednesday — still end on Friday, mind you. I think that could work. Yeah, let’s do that.

Bracing for Impact

Sunday, Funday. Blech. That’s a lie if I ever heard one. It doesn’t seem to matter how many days there are in a weekend — even a 4-day weekend like we just had — every Sunday there is still this mad dash to get my shit life together in like 12 hours. I blame Monday.