My Introvert Life – Log Entry 52745

Stardate 20170410 – Time: When Everyone Else Seems To Be Doing Stuff Too

Despite my better judgement, but driven by hunger and lack of rations, I ventured out into the world today.

Triple-checked and, yup, had everything I needed to buy for the week in my shopping cart. All ready to check out. Approaching the cashier, I saw someone I know in line. Someone who talks a lot and seems to know everything. Every. Thing.


…oh right, almost forgot, there were a few more items I needed to get for that thing I was going to make one day.

Pulled a U-turn and disappeared down an aisle.

Another crisis averted.



Into the Fray

I belong to several different online groups, especially on Facebook. They’re mostly book clubs, classic movie fan sites, and vintage photo connoisseurs. I’ve noticed that, especially in one of the vintage photography groups, people are becoming unnecessarily mean and argumentative. In this group, anyone can post pictures of anything vintage, whether it’s their family, celebrities, locations, etc. Someone posted a photo of Doc Holliday and “Big Nose Kate,” his girlfriend/wife, and there were people – you’d think it would be just men, but women as well – who jumped in to immediately say how much Kate looked like a man in a dress (she didn’t) and of course the comments spiraled out of control from there. Good grief! This Hungarian-born, frontier woman has been dead for 77 years. Let it rest.

In the same group, a controversial photo of Billy the Kid was displayed. It’s been authenticated, but some historians still have their doubts, which I won’t get into here. Still, it was as if some of the group’s members had been personally attacked or offended or perhaps had some vested interest in the origins of this photo for all the rage and insulting comments they were throwing out…directed at the photo, the original poster, as well as to those who mentioned, correctly I might add, that the photo had indeed been authenticated and even insured, controversy within the industry notwithstanding.  Nothing is as irksome as self-appointed vintage photo police.

Photos will be posted of family members and people will scream “Photoshop!” even though the photo is obviously old and photoshopping didn’t exist then. While it’s possible the photo was manipulated in the dark room all those 100’s of years ago, who the hell cares?  In any case, it’s the person’s family, so they would probably know if it was accurate or not. People will post old Victorian spirit pictures (which are well-known to be faked) and the commenters jump on those too – screaming, “fake, fake, fake!” As if no-one else had any idea and they are exposing some modern-day fraud. These Visual Vigilantes attack the original poster and anyone else who voices a positive opinion of simply liking the photo or thinking that it’s “cool,” or complimenting the dark-room work, regardless of whether it’s real or not.

Now I know the Internet, and Facebook in particular, is a breeding ground for arguments, but it has become increasingly apparent to me that people will indeed argue about anything and everything. However, it’s amazing to me that in a group that is supposed to be all about simple, innocuous, and light-hearted fun, there are those who cannot contain themselves. It’s as if they MUST be hateful, mean, and argumentative – as if they’ll implode otherwise, by containing all of that vile vitriol…like pressure-cookers left unattended. Or would they explode? Either way, it would be a big mess.

What is wrong with people that they can’t seem to find enjoyment in anything?  Perhaps arguing and being hateful are their forms of enjoyment? If so, our society is going to hell a lot faster than I originally anticipated.



My Introvert Life – Log Entry 52671

Stardate 20172408 – Time: Too Late to Think About Leaving the House Tomorrow

A dear friend asks if I want to go to a yoga class tomorrow where they heat the room to 100 degrees so you “sweat it out” as you meditate on life.  Supposed to be good for the soul.

My answer? Namaste…from my couch where I’ll be watching Netflix and eating crackers.

My Introvert Life – Log Entry 52491

Stardate 20170908 – Time: Way Too Early

Accept the fact that it’s morning.

Remember that human interaction is not just likely, but necessary on this day.

Consider all possible alternatives to said human interaction.

Outlook bleak.

Coffee, coffee, coffee.

Suck it up and look in the mirror.

More coffee…quickly.

Attempt looking presentable to outside world.

Remind myself not to kill anyone.

Open door.

Brace for impact.

Restoration of Faith

I can’t even talk about the very serious ways in which our world, or at least my country, is going to hell in a handbasket. It’s disconcerting to say the least. But I will say this – my faith was somewhat restored this afternoon by what was likely considered a small thing by those involved, but which, to this observer at least, indicated in a huge way that compassion is not dead and people (at least some of them) are good.

Our neighborhood Walgreens is across a median strip and two lanes from the McDonald’s.  You can get to each store from the other by driving directly across, or you can go to our grocery store by pulling down one of the lanes dividing the two stores. That probably didn’t help you envision the lay of the land, but hey, I tried.

Having left the Walgreens with a much-needed upgrade on migraine medication, I was sitting in my car before pulling out of the parking spot when I saw a car in one of the driving lanes by the median strip with a young, very awkward, very thin but presentable looking white man (maybe 18 or 20) trying to push his car into the McDonald’s or into the Walgreens, just anywhere but where it was. There was a person in the driver’s seat doing the steering, although they seemed confused as to what to do, which didn’t help matters.

The young boy’s shoe fell off while he was ineffectively pushing his car, and as he struggled to put it back on – while making sure the car did not back over him – it was revealed that he had some kind of a splint on his leg…it had come off with his shoe. So here he is, desperately trying to push his car…with all of the embarrassment I’m sure, that goes along with a broken-down car, while having issues with his leg or foot. I felt badly and quite helpless given I am completely useless, and my heart went out to him over his predicament.

Then came the first hero of the day in the form of a black man, in his 40’s maybe, obviously dressed for an office job (slacks, button down shirt, tie, nice jacket) who had been walking from his car into the McDonald’s.  He rushed, and by that I mean he RAN, over to the boy, said a few words, then leaned into the car and said a few words, and then took his place at the back of the car and the two started to heave against it…this time in a direct line for the McDonald’s. There’s an incline there, so they were still having a hard time getting the car to go…when lo and behold, our second hero of the day made an appearance.

This one was slightly more surprising given my rural area, as he was a “hipster” in full “hipster” garb from his well thought out haircut to his lumberjack beard, right down to his cuffed jeans and black boots. He SPRINTED from the adjoining grocery store parking lot to join in pushing the car – and with his help, the three were successful in getting it out of the way and actually into a parking space.  All’s well that ends well as they say. And I was glad.

I was glad to see the boy helped out of a mortifying and difficult situation, and it was indeed heartening to see those two men come to his aid so quickly and with such eagerness to assist – when clearly no-one else was going to and no-one else did.

Oh, I still have a cynical outlook on our society as a whole and especially those leading it. But today…well, today showed me there is hope after all. Hope is surely a good thing.