Planning is Key

Have you ever had one of those weeks weekends where you just didn’t feel like doing much of anything?

Chores? Pfft. To hell with chores. No-one I know needs clean clothes anyway.

Catching up on that DIY project? Blech. The tools disappeared and somebody stepped in the paint and who needs a new shelf anyway?

Reading the next chapter of that incredibly boring poignant biography on that guy who is famous for doing that thing 300 years ago but his wife is actually the one who did all the work (and really, isn’t that just typical?) that’s like 10,000 pages long for book club? Who has the time? And quite frankly, I need to figure out who the hell chose this month’s book in the first place and start a campaign to get them banished from book club … eventually, when I have time.

Dinner? You’re asking me about dinner? You know where the phone is AND how to use it. You really should be talking over this whole dinner issue with the pizza guy. Did I teach you nothing?

Go out? Tonight? Are you insane?

Getting ahead of the game with work by going over that motivational speech on time management and fine-tuning all of the points you need to make in your presentation? Eh. The laptop is like two rooms and a hallway away and it’s really just too much to get into right now anyway. Besides, that’s what tomorrow is for.




And Poof, It Was Gone …

It’s that time again. Monday is almost upon us. I swear, it seems like this weekend has just flashed by, and I’m telling you, I simply wasn’t ready. I think we should have a do-over. One that doesn’t involve chores or endless responsibilities that keep us from actually enjoying our so-called time off. Who do I talk to about that, anyway?

A Heartfelt Plea

Despite my aforementioned raging hangover headache, yes, my non-alcohol related headache, I’m working frantically to get my weekend chores completed. While ferrying trash and recyclables (hey, I’m nothing if not environmentally conscious) from my inner sanctum to the appropriate cans outside, I can’t help but notice the temperature has taken a serious nose-dive from the pleasantly balmy weather we had yesterday, but, in retrospect, not unlike the wintry weather we had just last week.

To which I say, for the love of god(dess?), Mother Nature, pick a season and stick with it! Please. I’m begging you.




Weekend Exploits

So. How was everyone’s Saturday night? Did we all survive?  As I lay here nursing a killer hangov… average, run of the mill headache, I wonder – as I so often do – why I am the way I am. And, I give thanks to the gods that be that I did not, apparently despite my best efforts, need that hospital trip after all.


Me, drunk, reaching out to a very confused and angry Opossum: Here kitty, kitty, kitty…